Lindbergh's Crossing (NH)

We started with an okay soft-shell crab served with walnut garlic sauce, but my entrée made up for it: a nice meaty portion of poached bluefish with a smoky tomato vinaigrette and fingerling potatoes. Dessert was a mocha mousse featuring “summer spice”, a clever name that obscures the fact that it’s chile pepper, and lots of it. I give them credit for trying to get diners to experiment with new flavors, but I wish they didn’t have to be so coy about it by cloaking the ingredient with such a cutesy term. Maybe people were scared to try it. Regardless, the mousse packed some heat and imparted a pleasant burn to the back of the throat. Friendly, casual service in a wonderfully warm and slightly crooked eighteenth-century space.

Lindbergh’s Crossing
29 Ceres Street
Portsmouth, NH

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February 10, 2006

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