Les Deux Magots, Paris

Les Deux Magots, perhaps the most well-known café in Paris, occupies a prime corner for people-watching along the Boulevard Saint-Germain. Choose a terrace table facing the street (sitting a few rows back will provide the best views while sheltering you from noise and pedestrian traffic) or head indoors and sink into a cozy burgundy leather booth. Sure, you may hear a smattering of American accents over the gentle clatter of china - this was Hemingway’s old haunt, after all, and everyone makes a pilgrimage here to pay tribute - but you’re just as likely to sit next to gossiping Parisian women sipping citron pressés and elegant elderly couples whispering over their aperitifs. Nurse a potent coffee and wile away the afternoon observing the human drama transpiring on the boulevard. You’ll see it all from this central seat: tiny, immaculately coiffed dogs trotting next to their well-heeled mistresses en route to the nearby Christian Dior boutique, funky, punky university students stumbling to class, and stylish men in crisply tailored suits and daring pink ties murmuring importantly into mobile phones. Don’t forget to don your best threads for the occasion, because you’re not the only one who’ll be watching.

Les Deux Magots
170 Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris 75006
Open 7:30am-2:00am daily

Categories: Short Review
October 12, 2005

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